The Dank-Robot

Hi there!

I thank new twitter-followers for extending the filter-bubble we now share together.

I do this with a pre-defined text but with individual gratitude.
I use a German version for those who are from my cognzition able to read and understand.
All others get an Englisch version.

Than, there was an interference, something I am still not sure whether this is a side effect or happened by any intention.
And yes, there was some intension to initiate, but maybe the result I noticed is totally unintended by the creator of the robot.

I write about the Dank-retweet-Robot on twitter.
It is a nice showcase how You can automate communication, today.

But, it is exactly what I do not intend to result.
Maybe that is what the creator wanted to show?

The Dank-Robot automatically retweets every post where the word “dank” is included.
You only need to follow the robot and the rest is technology.
And with no knowledge or control of the sender (me! In this case) at all.

Problem is:
“Dank” is a German word where the English is “thank”.
“dank” on the other hand exists in English where it has a totally different meaning (as well as noun as when used as adjective).

It is the same reason why the RR Silver Shadow is named like that and not “Silver Mist” which sounds more than OK in English.
In German “Mist” is the excrement of mammals, especially cows and horses.

So, thank You for being here.
Thank You for showing interest.

And hopefully You get an idea, where the red line between helpful automation for freeing capacities and loosing humanity runs along.

I would like to also welcome You to our shared filter-bubble You extended for me and I opened up my side for You.

Here is mine, what’s about Yours?


I usually provide additional sources, useful links and some pointers to the rabbit’s hole at the end of my blog posts.


/additional result

The landing page for new twitter follows which explains intention is located here.


May all Your needs be vanished by reality.
Live long and prosper.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!

/invitation to resonante

I would like to ask You for three quick actions, with small effort on Your side and great benefit for all
– You, future readers and me for understanding and improving what matters most.

  • A “Like” is a nice signal of acknowledgement.
    Just click the star below to show.
  • Feel free to forward this post to somebody who might gain benefit from it.
    You will find some tools for easy sharing below to this article.
  • Additionally, interaction is necessary to do great.
    Please, share Your thoughts by commenting (below) or contacting directly.
    Remember, a topic gets shape by questions AND constructive disagreement.

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