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agiLEipzig Barcamp 2017

Meine Sicht auf das agiLE Barcamp. Das ist passiert. Das habe ich erlebt. Das will ich für die Nachwelt bewahren.
Streng selektiv, subjektiv und tendierend.

agiLE#13 – Barcamp warmup

Das 13. Meetup von agiLEipzig im Basislager.
Sehr spannende Einblicke zu agilen Methoden außerhalb eines einzelnen Teams.
Agilität wächst in die Organisation.

Law & Order

Whether things are different or equal, often is matter of perspective and zoom level.
Did You already recognized common ground between IT and Law?
There are more equalities as You might noticed from first sight.

Zahlen, bitte …

Zahlen ist nicht nur Bezahlen in zählbarer Währung.
Es wird mit einer Gegenleistung bezahlt, die beide Seiten als Tauschgegenstand akzeptieren.
Das waren mal Stockfische und Muscheln und ist heute €. Muss es aber nicht.

Work-Life Balance

How to keep the boat stable while rowing against the constant stream of work heading towards You.

Learning to surf

Some decided to go to the moon. Not because it is easy, thus because it’s hard.
I decided to enter the Green Room

The Dank-Robot

Some Automation has side-effects that leave me behind wondering.
This is about one incident.

Does this matter?

Ever asked Yourself what makes work mattering?
Here are 10 questions to get an idea.

Fear is a bad Consultant

DId You ever wonder why You keep away of certain guys and ventures?
Here are some indicators which might be familiar to You, but You never thought about in relation.
The elderly might have some wisdom to share with You …

Temptations of Change

Changing to aim a target is easy. You can measure whether You reached Your destination.
But standing Your ground over 30 years in a fast changing environment needs wisdom end power of endurance.