We do not know!

A few days ago, Tobias and I released our first ‘real’ chapter.
Personally, I am a little disappointed by the resonance. Which resonance?

/terms and conditions

Currently, we are at the very beginning of the publishing phase.

The ‘publishing’, ‘releasing’, ‘going live’ and ‘getting in touch’ is the most critical phase in finishing a product development endeavor.

In the bad ole days of industrial waterfalling, it was ‘completion phase’.
In the era of agility, it is beginning of prfection.

Feedbacked resonance is,
what converts a product from correct to right.

And that’s exactly where problems start.

/no feedback – no growth

Some people hide their opinions until they have been asked – others even then.
The majority of people just does not care. Neither about their own position nor about those of others, until something of importance is noticed.

Authors as well as all other creators need resonance fed back to improve and grow from it.
If You like to be enjoyed, delighted and entertained, usually You applaude to show it. This response is not only expression, it also impresses – the acting artist as well as the rest of the audience. In terms of article posts, applause is “likes”. In terms of industrial products it is recurring purchase.

Commenting feedback by that is an impulse to change or improve from – depends …

Tobias and I agreed with not any word of discussion to publish at leanpub. We both knew the platform and appreciate it for its ability to host a product in ‘between-stage’ from starting to finishing. Leanpub is intented to fulfil the purpose to host a product under development as well as the finished product.

We found out, leanpub is far more closer to our everyday agile world as we thought, initially. In agile software development, You deliver coded commands and configurations via Continuous Integration-Pipelines from staging to productive environments. We use exactly the same tools and methods to deliver our book. Only test-automation is impossible, currently. It needs too much ‘interpretation’-efforts which even AI ist not capable to offer, today.

We host the content files as well as cover-image and configuration of what is to include into the final result in a Git-Repo. In our case at Bitbucket. In parallel, I evaluate Github in a project primarly for myself.

We synch via Git-technology on different platforms – Tobias from his Android-based tablet, myself from a Windows 10 based Surface Book. We organize this project exactly as we would execute any other agile development project – including Trello-Boards, Definitions of Entry, Ready and Done, Styleguide and release cycle.

We present our project for review monthly, every “Third Thursday”. And we await resonance which impulses us to do different or intense, depending …

From a certain perspective, written language of any kind is code. It must not necessarily include commands and parameters to control. It does not program machines to show websites and stuff like this. Interpretation of readers on a certain level of abstracted understanding is the same mechanics with an important difference:

We cannot control readers.

Readers are human beings. Under conditions of freedom, people act unpredictable. Therefore, arrangements are needed to create predictability. On the rational level of mind, this is what organizations arise from. On the other hand, freedom is endangered to collapse from a limiting approach in the intend to generate predictability.

Tobias’ and my approach is different. We enable freedom AND the ability to encounter the unpredictable Uncertainty via negotiable arrangements. This provisioning of an inner stability by practiced conventions on the foundation of mutual agreements is, what creates handable freedom while encountering the Uncertain. It is the very basic fundament of our approach to leadership in an agile organization. And, it is hard to understand without ever experienced, personally. This is why we use our book as a showcase to demonstrate what we do and what we are talking about.

It is also possible to take the shortcut via the basic instincts like those which are implemented in the so called ‘limbic system’ we inherited as human beings from the reptile stages of evolutional development as a so called species.

All this exploits of addiction-structures, You might experienced Yourself or heard of in relation to social media or successful UI-design, most of all these so called successful products utilize exact these psychological base-effects grouped around instant satisfaction. And it is completely understandable from the PO’s point of view. Instead of investing effort into negotiations and arrangements, these activities rely on predictable psychological behavior primed long before rational interpretation sets in. It makes effects expectable, because every’normal’body has this basic instruction set primed by DNA. Unpredictability initially is introduced by the higher layers of mind at more developed representatives of the species Homo Sapiens.

As long these people endowed with reason are less in number as those who act on their basic instincts, it is a safe bet to rely on instinct rather than intuition. This is one of several reasons, why it is not interesting to invest into higher education of employees as long mechanical activity was the resource to exploit from workforce.

Introducing predictability on the higher levels of reason, usually is called ‘culture’. And so, I use my skills and relationships established and honed by more than 20 years in the Business-world to get resonance that I need to demonstrate what I think it is all about. Furtunately enough, I know some of our readers in person. And so, I got noticed of some misunderstandings arising on ‘their side’.

If somebody “purchases” – even for US$/€ 0,- – we get notified about the purchase and the amount of money paid. Nothing more.

We do not know who, where, and therefore not when at daylight time the person acted. We have no chance to relate any of our activities to any result we notice from data available.

We do not know whether this was ‘just to get hold of’ or from real interest on the topic.
We do not know whether You read or not.
We do not know whether You like or recommend.

Until … You notify us in return.

We are willing to incorporate any impulse to raise the quality as well as the capability to reach people with, by and via this little peace of artwork. This is one out of a bunch of reasons why we opened up the stage for Your impulses and called it a ‘Business Improvision Theater Playbook’.

We offer the special chance to participate in a (virtual) environment You can change and get noticed about what happens from several perspectives. Usually, You are all alone at Yours and reduced to Your personal perspective with nobody or only just a few people to talk to.

Here, it is different. You are invited to participate and to contribute. Even more, the product needs Your contribution to grow beyond the limiting perspectives of Tobias and me. Every time, we update the content, we will inform about what happened via our Release Notes. This is the moment, we end in our ‘self-containity’. And that was the moment we realized

We do not reach anybody, even not those who already purchased.

And therefore, You will never notice until You care actively. Here is why:

Maybe, all this is a little bit too advanced. Maybe we are too much Avantgarde in that? A coachee of mine estimates, we are roughly 10 years ahead of time with this.

Hopefully, it is less than 10 months.

So, I ask You to prove her wrong.
Show us, lead us, guide us to where this product really evolves effect: at the ‘yet non-converted’.

WTF I am talking about?

I talk about ‘The Art of Collaboration’.
The book is frequently published here.
The excerpt of the concept is already published here.

/igniting insights

You never know what they don’t know.

You need to ask for working it out.
Questions create Certainty.

Believing is the convenience-option to knowing, instead.

/whatif we could know?

People assume for sure, there are people who know.
That’s funny. I do not really know about my own. How should anybody else know?

  • What, if You do not know?
  • What, if they do not know?
  • What, if You tell them about?


Feel free.
Feel invited.
Feel welcome.

We need You and Your resonance to grow into ‘Greatness beyond #EgoBarrier’.

/make this grow

Please, check Your leanpub profile settings.

Mark the eMail-Notifier on ‘The Art of Collaboration’.
Click the blue notifier box “Configure Email … ” to activate this setting.

We need this checked to feed Your inbound-stream.
We, ourself, opened up our gates wide open to Your outbound-stream towards us.
Feed us back and let us grow together beyond #EgoBarriers.

And btw., if we get some payment beyond ‘free’, we get hold of a budget we can invest. On promoting this issue for example.


Posts like this, I name “thought-protocols”. They are processing results from impulses, I get from everyday life. It is my measure to work against a phenomenon, somebody once called “Lesestau” (reading jam).

In this particular case, it is also a request for resonance.

You get access to whatever I estimate being worth to share on my twitter-channel, additionally. That’s also where You can follow Frank and what he says about his most recent challenges confronted with.


/related, subsequent sources


The feature image “What is connecting us?” is created by myself. All other, partialy augmented, screenshots are produced by myself, either. You are allowed to use and share them with a note about origin, because I declared them as CC BY-SA-licensed.


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Does Your life run in a circle?

Life runs in cycles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Talk to whom it may concern. And share what matters to You!

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