The Power of Code

The categorical imperative states in my words “Act always the way, Your acting can be taken as general law for all mankind.”

By expressing this, Kant opens up the door beyond ego-barrier. Issues and acting do not need time and space, they do not need a specific person. It abstracts action in given context from the individual person to the issue issue itself and the related behavior.

Very powerful, once You understood.

By documenting, You fixate volatility of the moment by data to utilize knowledge  becoming wisdom.

By documentation, You grow from an adhoc interaction, which generates Wild West properity into the wealth of a civilized society, guided by role models, directed within guidelines, following ever-present principles and nature’s law.

How that?


I would like to offer You understanding of my reality. I experienced, it is very hard for most people to comprehend my complex, poly-contextural reality.

Therefore, I offer some help which needs You some minutes reading and me over fourty years to work out.


World in terms of civilization consists exclusively upon code.

  • Words
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Icons

A code is a representation of something by something different.

Codes are the connection between inner and outer reality. Codes are the brick from which bridges between people are build.

Every symbol is connected to a meaning which has to be learned.

As well as learning, this meaning can be unlearned and re-learned.


A notation is the system of symbolic expressions.
By learning the notation, every expression coded by this notation can be understood.


The combination of notation together with slight variation of symbols forms a language. There is a core meaning in every symbol. By variation, the range of expression is extended as well as precised.

Take the smiley and its further developed representation, the emoticon, for example. Some characters are combined to represent moods that are originally expressed by a circle, two dots and a curved line.

In case of time and relation it is possible to express interactions and complex situations.

By grammar, code releases from a given moment in present time (IS >> WILL/WAS).
It is also possible to express conditions and potentials arising from it (IF … THEN, ELSE …).


There are instincts and there is intuition. Instincts are pre-primed action-shortcuts.


Intuition is the abstraction from experiences and knwoledge. It is knowledge deriving from understanding in relation to every other knowledge present in the moment of understanding.

Problem for owner of intuition as well as surrounding persons: You never know until You perceive an action.

Only by proving Your understanding against the given situation, You get certainty whether an understanding is considered as correct or false.

Intuition is learned, while instinct is primed like reflexes.


Languages are learned, also. The first language is the hardest to learn and by that the most impressing. We call it mother’s tongue. This first language opens up the world for learning of additional meanings and even different languages. The more we learn, the more ability to distinguish is at our hands. World gets complex by additional languages?
No. Additional languages open up to the complex reality, world just is – at every given moment at every layer of reality. The use of a language (verbal, iconic etc.) makes world’s complexity accessible.

Every language is the fundament for understanding.
By learning words, You learn meanings related to the word.
By learning icons, You learn meaning related to the icon.

By setting a learned representation (symbol) into another context, meaning of the word could be proofed and occasionally re-shaped. It can be extended or precised by the switch of the current or into another context. It can be enabling in understanding the context or an indicator for another symbol or meaning to look for. A very powerful switch of context is the intential setting of a meaning into a wrong context-sphere. This is called humor. If this happens unintended, we call it shame. Distinguishing between one and the other could be an everyday challenge. Interpreting shells like theatres and stadiums or production plants as well as shops and offices make it easier to understand “this is entertainment” or “this is work”.

A simple screen can be used for everything. It is not that easy to determine whether this is for educational, informational, or entertainment reasons. The style of sitting in front and the perception of the screen content make it more likely to understand what is the nature of the relation between spectator and screen. Is the spectator monitoring a process or entertaining himself by watching a movie.

Personally, I am often entertained as well as educated by watching movies. Hard to tell whether this is work or leisure.

All interpreters are learned and therefore intuitive.

Everything not-learned, but genetically primed is instinctive.

There is only one user-interface between mother and child which is not learned but genetically primed.


A norm is the abstraction from every single case to a group of cases. Power of norming arrives from transferring finition of the single case to the infinition of several cases. Properties describe the conditions which need to be fulfilled for applying the meaning of a term. Description of this term is called definition. It releases a meaning from the limitations of the very moment. This is why it is called definition.

Norming also releases from the limitation of the very moment. Norm can be pre-discribed and applied in advanced as well as afterwards for use as a benchmark to judge against.

Time dimension makes it hard for some people to determine whether the one or the other need to be applied right now.


A rule is a set of conditions followed by a set of instructions – … IF … THEN.

The term of conditions is defined by typing scope of variables (NUM, string, etc.).
The application is triggered by concrete values of these variables.


A combination of rules, arranged in a sequence or provided for alternative conditions is called a set of rules or just ruleset.

Variables represent changing input-parameters while function, triggered by an instruction, stays unchanged.


Those prerequsites that are set for endurance or just not in reach for change are called contraints.
They define the outer sphere of a ruleset – the environment, where actions effect.


The application of a fixed, unchangeable ruleset hard-linking input and action is understood as mechanic.


The description of an abstract, variable, changeable ruleset is called algorithm in terms of mathematics.


The description of an abstract, variable, changeable ruleset is called law in terms of jurisdiction.


The description of an abstract, variable, unchangeable ruleset is called principle in any terms.

/Where is the golden thread?

For over 20 years I am educated as a jurist and working in IT-Business. Some are irritated about – for me it is nearly the same. Nevertheless, it took me over two decades to be able to understand, until I am finally able to explain.

By uncountable switches of contexts, I was able to learn many code systems.

By comparison of one against the other, I was able to understand similarities and differences. This made me independent from a given situation and able to slip into a unknown or changed context, immediatedly.

Some weeks ago, a coachee in company context was very astonished about a sudden drift from agility in Business terms to Yoga in terms of personal activity. I adjusted some positions (Asanas) at them. Not because I am a certified Yoga guru, just beacause I understood the essence of this particular Asana and what it should look like.

She called out “Oh, Alexander is a coach for everything!”

In fact, I am not. It is just a little advantage in time, investment in understanding and the ability to dive fast into the topics because of my familiarity to learn new.

I just do not need the same amount of time to learn specifics of a certain market, Business or culture as usual.
If I have a master at my side, learning will be even faster.

For me, context switches are only distinguishing of a style in performing something, somebody is already able to or not.

Personally, I want to enter the green room before I am 50 years old. Less than 3 ½ years to go.

Leipzig was not gifted with many wavesets in the past.

I have less than 100 hours of wavetime accumulated so far. Sounds ridiculous to even try? In my age … ?

What You might overlook:

I read descent kilos of surfing and longboarding literature. I watched days of videos about surfing, (street) longbarding and physics of motion.

I am practicing longboarding since I was hooked by surfing in 2010.

I learned snowboarding in about 10 hours up to a level where I was one with me, material and the environment surrounding.

Why do I know, this is important? Because, “being one” is the highest level of learning – unconscious ability.
You can release from focusing technics and concentrate on style or what else You need to do.

In my case, it was complex and realtime interaction with my son – swirling around each other while speeding down the hill.

Nothing of this would ever take place without coding. It needed the ability to read, to understand, to apply, to watch, to listen and to see for repeating by myself.

It needed money earned, decision made, hotel booked, lessons took, lift used, instructions followed, rules applied by myself to even start snowboarding on the lower part of the hill.

From my perspective of experience, most people aren’t aware of the vast number of pre-conditions until they are able to perform something. From this, appreciation of doing is widely missed – value of any action could not be weighted.

/freedom evolves from code

Codes are the fundament of any interaction between people.
Understanding is forming the archs of the bridge, meaning paves the way beyond to the other side.

Codes free from one side limitation in point of view.

Codes are the fundament of freedom from the very situation in the world.

/whatif You act?

People are eager to solve riddles rather for others than for themselves.

  • What, if You are able to understand without doing wrong first?
  • What, if You are able to identify right on Your own without external control?
  • What, if You able to act right without requesting permission, first?


Some say, culture is made from codes.

To be precise, culture is what follows as an accepted behavior from proper understanding of coded situations.
No codes, no culture. No understanding, no culture.

Sub-culture is what distinguishes from mainstream culture by subtle and often discrete coding.

Who is responsible for understanding?

/Some questions for the fresh new year

– challenging to You?

As follows, I list some questions, I already answered for myself.

Feel free to investigate on for Yourself.

  • What does it mean to be a Mod?
  • What does it mean to be a Rocker?
  • What does it mean to wear spats?
  • Why should You “don’t wear brown when You go into town”?
  • What is the meaning of long finger nails?
  • What was the occupation of Wiliam Henry Gates II?
  • What was a reason for Microsoft’s decline after Steve Balmer took CEO-position?
  • On what percentage level, extreme poverty was reduce since 1990?
  • What were the reasons for the extreme limitation of access to Japan during the Tokugawa Shogunate?
  • Why mathematicians, physicians and jurists often heavily conflict with Business people?
  • Why philosopher’s are often great Software Engineers?
  • Why jurists say so often “it depends …”?

/feel free

If You are interested in my answers, feel free to contact.

Do You like to initiate a supporting relationship with someone?

Feel free to ask and convince by expression of Your demands.

If You like to address me for a coaching relationship, You are welcome.

I do not have to understood Your Business, already – I will make You understand it Yourself.

Fair enough?


You get access to whatever I estimate being worth to share on my twitter-channel.


.. and many, many more.

/additional sources

And whatever You like.


May all Your needs vanish into reality.

Live long and prosper.


Does Your life run in a circle?

In fact, life runs in cycles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.

In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

If You feel the need for support – convince by Your demand.

Talk to whom it may concern. And share what matters to You!

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