Fear is a bad Consultant

I am so sick of silly money in correlation with cheap talk.

I say, “fear is a bad consultant” (I use the term with intention instead of “advisor”).
Fear narrows Your perspective on avoidance rather than achieving.

Therefore, I like the term “FomF” (Fear of missing Facebook).


As I was about 15 years old, I started my first baby steps into Business.

In parallel, there was this guy who starts working on a product which laid foundation to a product suite You now might know as “Open Office” – about 50 miles away from my home.

Up to now, I started several Businesses with no or very short money.
They all survived and thrived as long as I was involved.

Meanwhile, I work in environments where founders are dead since several generations.
The corporations survived one or more World Wars and several other turbulences so far.

These environments are very mature for sure. But, there are still ways to go.
The everchanging realities emerging from constant change …

/distinguishing parameters

There is almost no discussion about money. It’s just there.
And if not, it is a good – not the only! – indicator whether a venture has potential to perform or not.
Meanwhile, we concentrate on time to markets and value to deliver.

Be careful if someone else pays the price.
If there is no value estimated high enough to spend money on, it may be worthless at all.
There is still nothing like a free lunch.


Money often bloats stale ideas to monsters that create results which are technically correct but not right at all.
Watch Your intentions when performing any action.
You might struggle by the consequences.

AND watch out for people that proclaim openness and democracy while building walls around what they claim as their property.
In shares and votes as well as in brick and stones.

Once, something lifts off from safe ground of real Business into the sky of pumped up egos and unkeepable promises it is time to seek for shelter.
It is the moment when people are divided into so called “winners” and the rest of us.

What happens if something sky-rockets?

/approaching long lasting results

Fear btw. activates a brain-shortcut residing somewhere in what is known as the Limbic System.
It switches out rational action and replaces reflective thoughts by instant action.

fear eliminates the vhance to err – but there is still the chance for mistakes.

In my work environments, there is lots of effort needed to align participants to achieve a common goal.
Some call it “leadership”.

I was annoyed of always investing a lot of energy to get myself and other participants in resonance to each other.
Whether I am in a content delivering position or in an enabling position such as a coach for agility.

Therefore, I coded a sequence which helps me and collaborators concentrating on steps that are necessary in the particular moment of a venture.
It originated from my experience of about 30 years of Business, interacting with people and topics.
It aims target via the red path and generates impact on the blue.

I called it the “up2U-protocol”. Feel free to gain benefit from it.
It all starts with establishing eye-level.

You can access additional insights starting from here:


Everything will be great in the end. If it is not great, it is not the end.


You might want to reflect about. Here are some pitching points for Your thoughts.

/soundboard area

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • ebay
  • Rocket Internet
  • Google
  • Alta Vista
  • Yahoo


This post is inspired by “Founder Friendly? No thanks” of Sam Gerstenzang which I found in my inbox in “Medium Daily Digest” container eMail this morning.

Help for distinguishing between consultants and advisors instead of many can be found here.

Yes, the concept of the Limbic System is under discussion among Neuro-Scientists, but widely known. So, I used the term.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by doing so!

/request for resonance

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    Remember, a topic gets shape by questions AND constructive disagreement.

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