Scrum, Kanban and beyond …

There are tons of tools and frameworks to establish agility in organizations.
They are relevant not only in Software Development Business, but also to other organizations that do Business, sports, science, military, private and public administration, simply life itself.

My everyday focus is shaped by IT Business and family life.
My family and educational background built up and still influences my political attitude and perspective to culture and society.

So, the following lines are not the complete picture. Just, my perception of life.
Although, I guess, it is a quite comprehensive walkthrough.

/”the essence of”

The following buzzwords are more or less well known in today’s Business contexts.
To get a basic understanding, I forced myself to name the essence in one sentence.

/UX (User eXperience) is

… the determination of how users perceive the product (incl. “Service”) and therefore interact with it by well-defined measurements.

/Support is

… (re-)gaining defined state of usability by providing concentrated resources of knowledge and ability via UHD (“User Help Desk”), Wikis, Knowledge Bases, Forums, Chat Bots and so on.

/Operations is

… monitoring and active (re-)balancing of provided system-resources.

/customization is

… individualization of an industrialized, provided product (incl. “Service”) within the possibilities of the providing system.

/hacking is

… the use of a product (incl. “Service” and habit) for something or in some way it was initially not intended for.

/cracking is

… the use of a product (incl. “Service” and habit) for something or in some way it is expecitely restricted against.

/implementation is

… changing an environment by establishing new systems or sub-systems, changing individual system-components, and/or reconfigure specific parameters of already available systems.

/Provisioning is

… a well-defined process of making (sub-)systems, services or products available to a (restricted) public.

/Microservice is

… a technical architecture concept to encapsulate data and its processing algorithms within an independent service module that can be used via interface-links as a orchestratable backend-component for several multi-module applications.


see also /civilization.

/Continuous Integration is

… constant changing of a product by adding and removing well defined components.

/Test Automation is

… machine based verification of achievement against specified parameters in different abstraction layers that are described by the Test Pyramid.

/DevOps is

… considering aspects of operability already in solution development by choosing only those specific options in fulfilling functional requirements that are simple to change and smoothly scalable in volume of usage.

/Kanban is

… continouos delivery in a sustainable pace, achieved by an (ideally) single piece flow.

/The Perfection Game is

… A method from the Core Protocols to improve something that already exists until perfection in aspect of its reviewer/s.


/Scrum is

… utilizing the power of a complex solution system (“Team”) by huddling around committed value to deliver.

/Lean Startup is

… thinking big and starting small i.e. with a MVP (“Minimal Viable Product”).

/Design Thinking is

… creating products (incl. specific “solutions”) by involving several user aspects i.e. via Personas.

/a Backlog is

… a comprehensive – but ever-changing – list of work in major states of “to do”, “in progress” and “done”.

/Requirements Engineering is

… the art of investigation and description of what is to achieve for fulfilling a (Business) need.

/Systems Theory is

… a model that describes interoperation of system’s components based on their relationship to each other.

/Effectuation is

… an approach to deal with what You have for realizing a vision within Your portfolio of options.

/Visioning is

… giving the “things to be” a distinct shape and direction by expressing and showing individual perception in public.

/Waterfall is

… a project execution approach in which a comprehensive number of artefacts are worked out in parallel and to the same state and then passed altogether to next stage (most often) via gateways.

monolithic project approach: waterfall

/Agile Development is

… creating and providing always usable products of small size and their continued and iterative adaption to changing needs and environment conditions,

fractal and iterative approach: agile development

/Permaculture is

… a way to establish sustainable, self-containing, stable systems by implementations that meet specific principles.


/The up2U-protocol is

… a defined, open, iterative and fractal sequence to proceed human interaction while facing variable amounts of certainty and uncertainty.


/Civilization is

… the complex ineraction of people and products with the environment they are embedded into and constantly change by their existence.

permanent interaction: complexity

/only one constant exists

Everything changes constantly.

The earlier someone accepts, the more benefit can be gained from that insight.
According to Mr. Einstein, even time is relative and therefore inconstant.

For human beings that we are, time is the only parameter in life, we cannot influence, yet.
We can only measure and use “time” i.e. for alignment of each other.
That impacts the understanding of agility the most.

We can change everything to cause change or react on it – except time.
We can determine that something was in the past, as long we have enough data to refer to.
We can presume that there will be something in the future.
But, we cannot necessarily predict what exactly that will be.
We can only head to that something by imagine what it should be and acting to achieve it.
“Time will tell” whether we reached or failed the visionary state. But, there will always be achievement!

If You do not act on Your vision, something will be.
You might appreciate that something; You might refuse it.
But, without action towards it, it will be just random or accident.

/use in time scale


Usually, I invest lots of time in cross-linking additional resources for deeper and guided understanding.

This time, I passed – except on the really important references.
One reason is, that my wordpress stats tell, that only a very few of these links are actually used by You, valued reader.
So, I identified the time-consuming extra work as waste that can be eliminated.
Maximizing work undone.

/famous last words

Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

“Enjoy, and share if You like.”
“Feel free to make life great!”

“Likes” are welcome. Comments are appreciated.

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