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just to supply those who are hopefully no fools with some useful tools

‚Diversity of Equals’

Was macht Eisen zu Stahl und warum ist ‚süß’ komplexer als ‚salzig’?

Warum ist etwas anderes wichtiger als man selbst?

Rücken und Pferde

Die erste Herausforderung ist, den Wesenskern zu erkennen.
Die nächste, alles andere damit in Einklang bringen.

Adding value

You can have, You can like and You can shape, sharpen and spread Your understanding. This is the cascade of adding value.

agiLE#14 – retrospektiv

Ein großartiger Abend hat großartige Menschen zusammengebracht, um großartige Erkenntnisse zu gewinnen und zu teilen.

Don't panic! USG is upcoming ...

Organisationsentwicklung mit User Stories

Die Angst vieler Menschen beruht auf mangelnder Bildung. Manchmal ist Ungeduld die Ursache, manchmal Entwurzelung.
Solange das Umfeld stabil bleibt, ist das alles auch nicht wichtig.

Learning to surf

Some decided to go to the moon. Not because it is easy, thus because it’s hard.
I decided to enter the Green Room

The Dank-Robot

Some Automation has side-effects that leave me behind wondering.
This is about one incident.

Does this matter?

Ever asked Yourself what makes work mattering?
Here are 10 questions to get an idea.

Don't panic! USG is upcoming ...

The User Story Generator (USG)

Do You need to write requirements for an agile development environment?

Ever thought, that watching someone writing is waste of time?

Here is a tool that helps You stay consistent, be fast and be comprehensive at the same time: the USG.

Scrum, Kanban and beyond …

Between fulfilment of a (Business) need there are different paths to go.

The short one is just finding the offer that already exists and “only” need to be found.

The long way is creating a solution via several steps of maturity from need to fulfilment.

This article names several steps and corresponding methods and approaches to fulfilment.

The Product Owner’s Bet

Product Owners need to convert uncertainty in certainty of revenue, reach and use.

Hard job if You long to rely on hard facts to secure Your decisions.