Trust in Change

These days, trust came into my focus.

Many people do not care about understanding – neither their own, nor those of others.
They wonder about things missing their unexpressed expectations. These people turn their irritation inside out, make their lack of understanding as benchmark for trustworthiness of everything and everyone around and cultivate a climate of distrust.

That’s amazing. And very, very sad.

/terms and conditions

Usually, I explore the field via terms, their definitions and meaning under specific conditions. This time it’s different. It does not feel to be effective. I am not convinced, it will have the impact I intend.

So, I publish what I do before. It looks like a tag-cloud which is sorted from possible viewpoints.

What is trust?


A simple sketch struck me like lightning.

Trust in processing @johncutlefish

I found this at one of my preferred twitter pre-selectors.
Thank You for doing such a great job, Luise!
I find so much greatness in and by Your tweets.

This tweet reminded me of something I already knew since I first read Luhmann and others, ages ago.

Trust is the fundament of almost any fruitful human relationship.
(Violence is the fundament of the rest.)

And it reminded me of a sketch I did myself, years ago.
It was in a so called agile environment and from these two sketches I suddenly understood, why I did not got as far as expected.
It was an environment of distrust.

Now, I have something to show in simplicity instead of arguing troublesome against.
Thanks to John.

/Distrust isn’t worth it

Distrust consumes energy for gaining a stable base, approached from sub-zero.

Eliminating deficits is progress and no extra value added.

Distrust is waste.

And distrust is also reality for those at Tribal Leadership stage 2.
According to those data, approx. 25% of people live their life in a mindset of
“(my) life sucks!”

On the other hand, there is confidence (“I am great”) and trust (“we/all is great”).

The essence of trust is about never really knowing for sure.
Trust is about being prepared to deal with the real. Trust is experienced optimism.

/whatif You can do better?

People always want to do right.
Everybody wants to do right according to the individual direction.
Sometimes ways cross. Sometimes courses change.

  • What, if You are experienced?
  • What, if You have some knowledge?
  • What, if You share Your insights?

/What is resulting from?

Many people act cautious from what they declare as bad experiences.
Many people are treated wrong by those who do not know better.
Thereby, many people limit their potential to nothing.

For what reason?

This soon will pass.

What do You want to hand over?
– Your pain or some fundaments of joy?
– Why does nobody deserve joy, only because of Your suffer?

There will always be the next chance to do right.
Take it or leave it.

/get up!

Start with trust or leave it undone.


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Media, I created myself, I usually license under CC BY 4.0. I case of doubt, just aks.
The featured “Scrabble Bricks” is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.
The “Trust Equitation ” by Jack Richiuto is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.

/additional inspirators

/enriching sources


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Does Your life run in a circle?

Life runs in cycles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Talk to whom it may concern. And share what matters to You!

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  1. very interesting Content here, keep this good work up

    1. Thank You, Aphro.
      I will keep going on until I will run out of questions. 😉

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