Work-Life Balance

For some years, it was popular to achieve so called “Work-Life-Balance”
– in Germany.

I have no knowledge whether this term is really used in anglo-saxon-cultures, also.
I have no idea whether it is still of any importance.

And I have still no idea, what this should be, at all.

/terms and conditions

To get the point, I concentrate on the terms, first.


Seems to be easy. Anything which is considered as living, alive, acting from inner motion, controlled by brain.
Sometimes mind is build from brain, in case of so called “upper lifeforms” like mammals.

Aha. OK.


There is a working class which Labour party feels to be their representatives.
Very confusing.
You can learn from online dictionaries that labo(u)r is manual work.
Work itself is defined in physics as transformation of energy –
while labour is transferring this energy in context of time.

But, aren’t we are working all the time while we are alive?
Our bodies constantly transform some energy, i.e. extracted from food and drink, keeping ourselves alive?

/work to live

So, it seems to be crucial to work for staying alive.

And even machines need to be fed with energy and some raw material to fulfil a specific purpose.
Are they alive, too?


OK, I am just kidding around.

Take it as a mental stretch to warm up for what’s coming.


Balance is the equalization of two sides, roughly said.


The term is understood as the compatibility of doing something for a salary compared to the rest of Your day.

Balancing work and life is intented to respect and consider that someone is doing paid work to earn a living while the person needs enough rest, time, space and additional content for the body (incl. brain) within the whole 24 hours of a day to get a chance to lead what is considered to be a “fulfilled life”.


The term originated from the tendency of corporate work extending towards maximum.
Extending to the complete life of a working system ends in increased wear and tear, even for machines.

So, there is the term sustainable pace which means, even machines need a kind of slack-time.


You can balance two items against each other.

In case one weights more than the other, imbalance occurs. You know that.

While watching these pixels, do You feel motion expected to occur from the grey ball to the yellow?
Don’t worry it is only Your mind, fed by some experiences, You made in the past.
I can assure You, it is only dots of light You perceive from the glowing of Your screen. 😉

So, what can You do to balance?
Lifting weight from life (yellow) and transfer to work (grey) to equalize?
I do not understand the term this way.

In fact, it is impossible.
As shown above (/terms and conditions), one is part of the other.
It’s determining each other.

So, what possibilities are there, to balance on what is a subset of the other?
You will centre.

Works perfect in absence of anything else.
Hhm. “Life is more than work”.

There must be more than this.

Most adult people look at their work as fundament to their living.

It makes them get up in the morning and it’s their reason to get in motion.

For some of them it’s their definition of personal importance.

While others consider work as an essential part of their life amongst others.

What is Your attitude in face of work?



May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Talk to whom it might concern. And share what matters to You!

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