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‚Diversity of Equals’

Was macht Eisen zu Stahl und warum ist ‚süß’ komplexer als ‚salzig’?

Warum ist etwas anderes wichtiger als man selbst?

Volle Kraft voraus!

Die Transformation zur agilen Organisation bei einem Kunden ist in vollem Gang.
Ein Bündel sehr wichtiger Entscheidungen hat nun die Richtung festgelegt.

Stages of OMG

Destination is behind the mountain of responsibility and Business.
When are You able to split up into agility?

Work-Life Balance

How to keep the boat stable while rowing against the constant stream of work heading towards You.

Where lies this “self-evidence”?

A lot of conflicts in human interaction arise from taking things for granted and assuming the so called “self-evident”.
In this article You get an idea of what learning and behavior has to do with it.

What Björn showed me about agile Leadership

Leadership is necessary, whatever People are doing together. Find out what is the difference in agile Leadership against the Pyramide and why there is still management needed, once You set direction.

Consultant, Scrum Master, Coach

From personal experience, I identified an evolutionary growth in supporting People doing great.

I call it the “Leadership Ladder”.

Will >it< work?

Machines are perfect to do the bad jobs.
The dirty, the hard, the stupid, the annoying.
Humans are good in doing all the other.

Why people fear of automation and industrialization?

Wouldn’t it be better to welcome and utilize automation?

What do You fear?

Something has changed

There are some things, You belief, will never change.
And then, suddenly, it changes.
Joke in that: these people lost their position, because of refusing to change.

It is all about alignment!

Pulling on ropes could solve situations.
Often that creates a knot if done unreflectedly from the beginning.
How can You deal with it?