2016 – retro: dawning of an agile life

Iteration 2016 is closed. 2017 is just to be started. Good opportunity for a retro.

Stop searching – start finding!

In 2016, I finally found myself. That is a pretty remarkable fact, because I was searching as long as I was able to consciously react on people, consume and interpret media. That might be more or less forty years now.

Where is the difference?

If You are searching for something, You assume, that once You have found that thing or condition or whatever, something will fulfill and a new state of Yourself or Your group will arise.

Therefore, I always prepared for that final great moment. And the moments on the way surely were not that great in comparison to the (unprovable) greatness of that visionary moment I headed to.

In 2016 I started finding. It felt like harvesting the seed of everything I did before.
But in fact it wasn’t that. It was just a change in mind.

Suddenly, nothing had to fit anymore and therefore now everything fits. That is amazing!

Then and now

All the time before, I had heavy difficulties in being on time. And I hated timeboxes. Because, “it” was not complete, “I only have to do this and then … ” and so on. Do You recognize that?

I have too much stuff around me. Because, “You never know”. Some time, I will need it.

I always aspired minimalism – but I had no idea how to achieve it.

Rethink Your beliefs!

The key is believing.
To be more precise: to overcome most of the beliefs that are all around You.

The new

“You cannot do this!” – just ask why. It might be right. But most of the time it is wrong.
“It is impossible!” – why? Just because no one did it before?
“That is for sure” – is it so? Did the speaker of that words assured it personally or just believes that earth is flat?

The stuff

“You will need that!” – might be, yes.
But … for what? When? And one of the most important questions: how often?!

Is the thing in question just the rowing boat to get to the other side of the river?
Why should You own it if You are use it just once?
On the other hand, it is not that good idea to burn Your boat if You are a fisherman –
at least, as long as You have no other opportunity to feed Yourself and Your family.

Always consider: do You block the flow of matter?
By keeping stuff without using, You prevent this particular thing from being used by others.
So, can You justify keeping?

The skills

Skills never need justification – they just build up.
If You do something, You will get better in that.

There is just one little thing: do it attentively!

Connect to the world!

Getting to that point, for me, it was a combination of self-reflection, interaction with many people and thoughtful media consumption (in that order!)

Well, while it is impossible for everybody to have same (not equal!) thoughts and meet the same people (remember, they are not the “same” anymore!) You might benefit from the media.

Here is a short list of what helped and inspired me:

The world faces crossroads – it's at Yours to make something of it.

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