A short note about Evolution in Requirements and Functionality

Once at a client, the Head of Development said “we cannot give them one, take it back and give them another. They won’t accept that.”

Would they not? Why?

Give and take or take and give?

To make it simple, imagine You want to write. You request “Something to write” at Your internal Service Supplier.

“We” give You a pencil.
Once You use it, You experience that You want to write longer than it initially lasts.
You get support by Service Operations and receive a sharpener and a short lesson how to use it.
You use it.
You find it a bit uncomfortable and all the littering with the cutoff stuff …

You request a solution that lasts longer and is less maintenance requiring.
You get a ball-pen. And a short lesson how to enable and disable functionality (click-click). 🙂

Then You demand a writing tool that is more variable in writing style, width of line, still permanent and – if not possible in other colors – in black.
Oh, “we” respond, that may take a while … We have to search, evaluate and hopefully not develop our self.
Time is ticking …

Finally, solution arrives. It meets all Your requirements. If You like it, it is also available in different colors – we first delivered it in black.
How great is this?

But, remember the statement in the beginning!
Did anyone took away something You depend on, something You missed?
Maybe You are requested to swap or You handed it back or just stop using the solution that was once the current/only available one.
I did not mention – intentially – because this article is about evolution, not about retirement and depreciation. 🙂

No, the Service Department supplied You with exactly what You requested – all time long from the beginning as You initially contacted us.
The more specific You are and the more specialized Your specifications were, the longer it took to fulfill Your request – stupid.

The faulty imagination in the statement of the beginning was, that there is no functionality at all while You are waiting for the better. The other mistake was to imagine ahead for You, You are not willing to change (or swap), once there is something available for You that better fits Your demands.

People will accept the better, once they experienced, acknowledged, understood, request, demand and therefore await it.
This is all You have to consider.
And change will be as easy as walking in the park … hopefully 😉

How do You change?

It is all about the sequence …

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