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Category: counseling

Where the f*** is the difference?
What matters and why should anyone care?

Facts and Fakes

Even fakes are facts. The challenge is to distinguish.
Believing is the convenience-alternative to knowing for sure.

Stages of OMG

Destination is behind the mountain of responsibility and Business.
When are You able to split up into agility?

Where lies this “self-evidence”?

A lot of conflicts in human interaction arise from taking things for granted and assuming the so called “self-evident”.
In this article You get an idea of what learning and behavior has to do with it.

Consultant, Scrum Master, Coach

From personal experience, I identified an evolutionary growth in supporting People doing great.

I call it the “Leadership Ladder”.


The power of clear announcements and why You should rethink other options of interaction with Your fellow co-workers.