The agile value with the most magical power inside is the value of commitment.
It converts intention into knowledge and ability.

How that?

By committing Yourself (sing. & plural!) to a goal, You align all Your activity towards that goal.

No matter You are conscious about that fact or not, You ask Yourself in every action You fulfill, whether and how much that helps to reach that committed goal.
After You performed Your action and You are able to measure its result, You can determine position and adapt Your future actions heading towards Your committed goal.

Does it work like that?

Yes, indeed.

In the early 2000’s Björn Schneider of ITaCS said in a private circle near Microsoft’s CeBIT booth “If there is an interesting topic of which I have no idea at all, I will give a lesson.”
That is the small secret difference between doing and succeeding.
That is, what I understand by this:


And, by the way, it was the main selection criteria for the ones who were with us. Questions in that time were

“Is he committed?”
“How much are they committed?”

Some outsiders might thought, “we” were of a brainwashing cult and “we” were like a sect. But it was not.
Everybody was of her/his own decision and we were all aligned in greatness.
We did not share that greatness, we did not join each other’s greatness, we were not directly dependent on each other.
But as we were all auto-selected by commitment, we had in common the most important ingredient for success.

And magically all the other agile values came the way. Focus, openness, respect, courage, communication and so on.

But that were the last Gates-years and the very early Balmer-years. Then, things went wrong

Serious warning!

If You once experience that formula of success, You are spoiled for the rest of the business world.

You experience “them”, doing things “wrong”. You will have Your difficulties in interaction with “them”, because they did not experience what You experienced, yet.
It is like You are in the condition of a

Stay calm, help is on Your way …

I needed more or less 10 years to process the experienced, cope with the cognitive dissonance “outside the Nexus” and curing it by acting differently, standing to and holding on to my values and i.e. writing this blog.

My troubles raised from unreflected, bare experience – without directions of a master. And later from the absence of those experiences.
I was directly exposed to the dark side without noteworthy support at all.

Meanwhile there are lots of others that commit their selves to the agile way. Neurosciences went on, impressions and experiences are collected and shared.

Nothing will ever be as it was.


Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end — only another beginning.

Enjoy, and share what You like. Feel free to make life great by that!

/resonance welcome

I would like to ask You for up to three quick actions, with small effort on Your side and great benefit for all — You, future readers and me for understanding and improving what matters most.

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    Remember, a topic gets shape by questioning AND constructive disagreement.



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