What is Eye-Level?

When You talk about agile values, sooner or later You come to “respect”.

Respect can be paid by the younger to the elder, by the beginner to the experienced and even from the poorer to the richer.

Respect is helpful and a very important aspect of a civilization.
It is desperately missing, once You experienced it, as we can see currently in the land of the brave – home of the …

But what is eye-level, then?

Eye-level is a very distinct shape of respect.

Eye-level is acting with the different, dealing with the unknown.
It is accepting “the other” as of equal worth and therefore as an enrichment of Ourselves.
That is the gift, diversity offers us.

You know, we know of what we speak since ’45 and ’89.


2 responses to “What is Eye-Level?”

  1. […] That is not stepping on the shoulder of giants. It is not being an unheard consumer of a foreign provided service. It is about getting involved and sharing Your resources. It is partnership, hopefully on eye-level. […]

  2. […] peace and equality widely established. It is fun and happiness most of the time. Co-operation on  eye-level is the standard. The other side of the medal is lacking […]

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