Facts and Fakes

32° is just data until You open the door of Your well-conditioned environment.

/terms and conditions

As a jurist from education, I find it always helpful to get an understanding of the terms to enter the topic via the doors of meaning.
Often, the initial listing in a decent order creates the first insights which lay ground for further achievements.

So, let’s get the party started.


From first understanding, a number is nothing but a code which represents the result of a measurement.
Sometimes, it is a result of a concrete mathematical operation like a calculation.
Together with an describing markup like a unit of length or weight, it can evolve to an information.


A date is a recording about what is given in a situation. Etymological origin is in Latin “dare”, which means to give.


A fact is what is done. Etymological origin is in Latin “facere”, which means to make.


An information is the context of dates which form the base for anything to do from and with it.
Dates in relationship to each other form a complex which holds the things together as a context.


Data, given in a context can be imagined, reminded, visualized or otherwise recalled.
Knowledge is some kind of Certainty, always related to the past – to the already happened.

Certainty related to the future is called trust, which by its nature bases on experiences from the past or the default setting in human nature.
Trust is build from expectation and its realization.
Important: people are built to trust and act “good” according to the continuity of species and all of its deriving sub-topics.

Fraud, hustling, pretending, faking and all these tweaks to reality could understood as instruments to keep up continuity or illness of relationship’s sanity.
It depends on Your mindset, worldview and focus of impact You admit.


Wisdom is the learned skill of distincting between the relevant and everything else. The more equal things someone does equally, the less probability to achieve wisdom is given.
Therefore, automation is the natural enemy to wisdom.
And wisdom is the fundamental skill needed to distinct between things to automate and things to handle specifically unique as they are.


Since the ancient Greeks stated a difference between inner and outer reality, we are in trouble.
We cannot get over our inner image of the outer reality in time and space.

The image of a future Status quo is as real for the visionary leader as unreal for those who aren’t reminded of anything by talking about it.
What should be accepted as true? The vision, the lack of understanding or the conflict in a given situation?


A symbol stands as representation of something else. A symbol gets its value in use by reducing everything which is really there to the very relevant essentials.
Problem within: the essential is a reminder of something already experienced or otherwise learned.
If there is no memory of snow to reference to, the symbol of a snowflake does not represent a meaning which anybody could be reminded of.


The fear of experiencing something new is a protection mechanism – especially of children – to keep couriosity in healthy limits.
Keeping the balance between couriosity and safe ground is what many people miss to learn.
Mostly, it is because of faulty protection and lacking of experienced guidance.
Neophobia is a strong indicator to an unfinished course in lessons of life.


A reduced model of an imagined reality.
In software development, it is often called a “mockup”.


A reproduction of the essentials of an existing system.

Deriving from warfare, an emulation of false facts is called a “Potemkin village”.
A more general used and nowadays quite popular term is “fake”.
“Alternative facts” are not fakes, they are just different information about another truth with a relevance to question.

/Why is lying around so dangerous?

There must be a difference between fraud and humor – especially, when people react variously on the same facts.
Both work with wrong and right. Distinction comes from true and false.
Fraud aims to keep up a false fact as true while humor names a true fact as wrong.

So far as simple.

Hardship occurs where the fundaments of fraud are used to save lifes and the mechanics of fraud are utilized to keep up wrong as the Status quo.

The false positive side – saving lifes – came to my attention as I read about refugees from Syria.
It was a german twitter post about true people, finally arrived in Germany some years ago.
It was reported, in Syria they usually maintain several Facebook-profiles to pretend followership to the IS, the rebels or the “regular” government.
People on their run activate the suitable profile on their smartphones depending on the region and its most recent regime they cross while they make their way from home to security.

The false negative side followed a few days later as I stumbled upon blog-post about a “documentary” from North-Korea.
The Ukrainean film maker was astonished by the fact of a complete and detailed script about the things he will “explore” while he is filming “greatness” in North Korean “reality”.
I found evidence in this fragment of truths. I found confirmation to my strong conviction about why Kim and Trump harmonize so well with each other. I felt validated in why “The Dealmaker” was ripped off by an even greater hustler. The Kims just have more experience on the larger stage of levelling by establishing and utilizing a country-wide system of control. The Donald’s experience was limited to smaller grounds where matter lifted him upwards to his first Presidency.

Once, I was astonished about the ability of all these players within a faulty stage production to determine between “right and wrong”.
There is constant tweaking effort needed to maintain the wished image which does not evolve from real facts.
This wishful image will collapse from the moment the constant feed of adjusting energy will dry out and truth of real stability will show up.

Fakes utilize people’s ability to imagine an assumed whole from the perceived details

… while …

Potemkin Villages pretend the unreal.

Players on stage of dictatorial societies can hardly recourse on “method acting”, because they rarely experience real truth in their so called reality.
So, this faking of facts needs constant maintenance of command & control on level of completeness.
For the addresees of the commands, there is no inner truth to reference to.
Therefore, this system can never reach a level of balanced and self-sustaining wholeness.
It must stay in a limited scope of effect bordered by the reach of an individual’s power.


Who lies will forget.

Afghan saying

Now, I understood even better.

complex reality

Gerhard Wohland calls these perceptions of an organization as front-stage with a back-stage.
On the frontstage, the expected play is given while on the backstage, certain actors make the real happen.

The real is build from the ever changing relations between people and topics in passage of time.

This constant need of a “script to reality” prevents people from acting according to their own truth. It needs permanent watch over and countless acts of requesting and granting permission.
Things must be “simple” to stay easy to handle.

Hustler’s reality

The bureaucratic overhead to keep up this “simplicity” manageable will brake down any organization to paralysis and cripple it to the scripted reality of the chosen few that were allowed to think ahead.
This might be Mum and Dad or a Big Brother.

Good news:
The bright side of the Force will outperform even the Empire on the long run.
On the short run it seems that the dark side will be predominant “forever”.

Why? It is easier to pretend for the moment than being for the rest of a life.

/beyond façades

Micromanagement could be expression of somebody’s inability to transform truth into reality.

Often, micromanagement is not fine-tuning of suitable conditions for achieving great results. It is applying force to reality until it suits to a preset image of it.

Any enforcement to the figures will spoil integrity of the represented facts.

Who enforces a certain behavior – aka “nudging” – is not interested in the things by themselves – he is interested in checkable items.
The difference between hustling metrics and real joy is called authenticity or credibility. It cannot be reproduced by metrics, but metrics can express it.

Frequency is no indicator of trueness – rather the opposite.

Many people focus on scale. Most of them at the wrong level.
In the golden age of industrialization, scale in produced numbers of a product was the metric to concentrate on.
In the digital age, scale of use is what replaces the physical item.

Truth itself is specific, unique and indivisible without compromising integrity.
The same truth can be shared among countless individuals without losing its character.
So, the frequency of repetition between two single communication partners seem to be a great indicator about proximity of truth.

The more often two individual people need to talk about a topic, the far away they were from a shared truth.
Aren’t they?
Well … while truth stays solid, hopefully, Certainty about it needs constant benchmarking in an ever changing reality.

People who enforce the Status quo to show up distinct figures do not care about truth.
They care about show and shine. They trust a picture more than their own perception.

Problem is: pictures of show and shine are part of a shared reality. Some use them to remind theirself of the complete scenery.
Others use it instead of deeper understanding.

You’ll never know until You found out.


Your personal beliefs create and stabilize the Status quo.

  • What, if You know about wrong and right?
  • What, if You feel forced to act against Your confidence?
  • What, if it is the same for You like for me?

/the thing about Rolls Royce

Many people confuse symbols with the referenced. They mix up the representation with the represented.
They take money as power, status as greatness.
So, too many people care more about the symbol than about it’s representation.

With other words:
People who are in charge of power sit in a reprensentative Rolls Royce, because of the power this represents.
Sitting in a Rolls Royce will not charge You up in power.
Some people sitting in a Rolls Royce represent nothing but theirself.

When someone argues about the number of people joining an event, it is an alternative fact to what should have happened instead – or did not.

/make sure!

When somebody is about to learn for the job, a good advice is

Fake it ’til You make it

It is better to hone skills than continuously reproducing situations You are familiar with.
If somebody replaces making with faking constantly, this will erode reputation, trust and initial effects on the long run.

Mircohabits will shape Your reality until it becomes Your nature.

Questioning helps.

By explaining, knowledge is spread and understanding is shared.
If someone can reproduce by retelling one variant over and over again, it is very likely a fake of understanding.
If someone is able to explain by various figures, this person really understood what it is about.

Questions create Certainty

Keep away from where State is more important than answers – the shine of stability and strength is too fragile in passage of time.


Posts like this, I name “thought-protocols”. They are processing results from impulses I get from everyday life.
It is my measure to work against a phenomenon, somebody once called “Lesestau” (reading jam).

You get access to whatever I estimate being worth to share on my twitter-channel.


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The featured image “Potemkin Village” is tagged as CC BY-SA-licensed.
The “Ongoing Facade” is taken from a series by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy is tagged as CC BY-NC-ND-licensed.

Graphics are made by me. You are allowed to share and change, because I declared them as CC BY-SA-licensed.


May all Your needs vanish into reality.
Live long and prosper.


Does Your life run in a circle?

Life runs in cycles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

Talk to whom it may concern. And share what matters to You!

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