Where lies this “self-evidence”?

Very often, I work in projects. Some are follow-ups of others; some environments are completely new with some well-known aspects.
They all contain a certain amount of Uncertainty. I am used to that.

/do not anticipate, ask actively!

Over the years, I built up lots of skill on perceiving what is around me. I call these ability “interpreters”.
They give me the ability to recognize, interpret, decide, and act in a certain way. This is what makes “ME”.

These days, there are more and more youngsters entering terrain, where I was a youngster years ago. It is normal “as time goes by”.

Working with these guys everyday reminds me of something, I actively work on: do not assume it is self-evident!
Do not anticipate, whether others see what You see, think what You think. Assure Yourself by asking and speak out loud!

Asking people what they perceived, what they think, always brings up astonishing results and their impacts make the difference.

/conduct is made by reproduction

Nothing is that self-evident as You think beforehand. Only when You share a certain amount of time, working on the same, there is this certain alignment where familiarity raises. You have to get known to each other and the subject You share.

Cognition science says, roughly 5 to 10% of available data will reach Your consciousness. From these cognized data, conscious interpretation can be processed, decisions can be made and actions initiated.

If You want a certain, specifiable action performed, You have to work on the whole thread.
Usually it is called learning and training.

Learning is gaining knowledge and ability.
Training is intensifying ability until it is “just there” – settled in the subconscious.
Note: You cannot intensify knowledge.
It’s binary – there or absent. But, You can train the ability to access and link it.

When people do something long enough, they do not notice about, anymore.
It needs a difference, a change, another person to remind them, that there was a time, they learned and trained them self.

Once, You are aware, You can actively work with and on to get things done and smoothen change.

/requisites of action

Until there is action, a lot of pre-determination has been run through.

  • data must be
  • cognized,
  • interpreted,
  • decision must be taken to
  • release in a certain action

Depending on what someone aims for, different stations need to be improved.

A good idea is starting at the beginning.
Get glasses, if You can see worse without.

But, most problems arise from reception patterns aka “interpreters”. Many people limit their selves by suppressing everything which will not suit to their intended result – cognitive bias, esp. confirmation bias.

This self-limitation is a funny habit, because it actively sorts out “what shouldn’t be” from cognized data – intended and by interpretation.

A little more common, from my experience, is limitation by people’s surroundings and “not-so-intended-decisions” from the past. Consciousness of those is so full with present mental activity, there are no resources left to open up to ignored data.
Inattentional blindness – You know, the Gorilla thing.

/results of framing

The phenomenon of self-chosen limited ability to act on available data is also called framing or “narrow framing”.

It will result in actions and habits that are not rationally reasonable and “valid” only from context.
That make things expensive!

You need to train people the context.
First, they need the right interpreters installed to perform in reliable, thus expectable way.
It is not enough to have a university degree, You need also some years on the meadows to act free of accidents in those organizations.
The more narrow expectations are, the less candidates fulfil their requirements, the higher prices climb, “suitable” candidates can claim.
In the end, these special organizations have fewer options than they need to perform – on higher costs as they can afford, if they are honest to themselves.

Organizations that cultivate framing are economical victims. They are unable to react rational on actions in their surrounding environment and they “need” to pay more and more for those few that fit into their parallel-universe.

So, if You are able to design Your organizational culture to fit every type of people, mastering any type of challenges, these ability will create an organization of lowest ever possible cost. You can use almost everybody to perform actions that are crystal clear in need, easy to understand, least complicated to learn, needing very few iterations of acting until standalone-ability.

OK. Up to here, it is no difference between existing franchise-systems in restaurants, shop-in-shop-organizations or shipment suppliers.
The point is: these systems defined “challenge” to be outside. In fact, they are reliable by being expectable. But they are also horrible boring. There is no Uncertainty left at all.

The final proof of ability is dealing with the Uncertain.
This is, where pre-defining and everything prescribing systems fail and challenge begins.

/how to overcome framing?

It is difficult and easy in the same way to overcome self-made limitations.

Easy, because You just need to decide to look closer, personally. You only need a personal decision for precision.

Difficult, because social pressure in specious “successful” organizations is strong. People from outside, first cannot determine whether the organization is successful because or despite habits of ignorance and selfishness. Once, You are able to tell that is despite, You need to remember Your curiosity, resist implementing “their” action-pattern and maybe have to invest lots of energy to work against powers of persistence. In these times, You are definitely an outsider within Your organization. Tough times for sure.

It is easier to get a notice and help from outside.

You can hire people that are a little more objective than “insiders” can be.
You only need to trust their words and reflect them wisely. You as an insider have a valuable perspective on things, too.
The combination of several perspectives and opinions will get You nearer to the complete picture.
There is never the one – the hero from far away shores – that saves Your souls.

/help wanted?

Good news! There are some people like me. A few of them, I know personally.
We are all handsome guys with lots of experience in failure.

Once, You feel the need, just contact or directly shop here.

/famous last words

Life runs in circles. Some are smaller, some are bigger.
In the end, there is no end – only another beginning.

“Enjoy, and share what You like.”
“Feel free to make life great by that!”

“Likes” are welcome. Comments are appreciated.

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