Improve Your strength!

… by ignoring Your self-imagined weaknesses.

Forget about SWOT, concentrate on SO – Strength and Opportunity!

Safety, security and how they matter

Weaknesses and threats are relevant as long as they regard safety and especially security. Threats exploit weakness to minimize efforts.

Where is the difference between safety and security?

Safety is protection from within – security deals with threats from outside. WT – weakness and threats if You like to call it so.

How long should I bother?

If You (sing. & pl.!) truly believe in mastering every challenge, You will feel safe. You are on safe ground, because You are confident to find a solution somehow – and You are secure against doubt and scrouple, because every external aspect and its influence on You and Your actions is a challenge and one step to the solution at the same time.

There is no try – do or do not!

You are vulnerable as long as You and Your environment depends on finding exact the problem You can deliver Your pre-fabricated and right from the shelf solution to.

If You are confident, because what You have in Your bag will suite whatever and whoever will need it whenever it is needed – than You are able to master every challenge.

And by the way: You are unbeatable, because You know, even failure and defeat of today is the basement of success next time You work on that challenge. Appreciate failures and welcome certain knowledge You gained from it.

Now You are ready to convert success to perfection

Now as You realized that weaknesses are not important for You and threats are challenges to build up strength and security, You are ready to rumble.

Fast results

Getting the first 20% of a solution can be done really fast – as we all know since Vilfredo Pareto. Low hanging fruits – stupid.

But be careful! You just spend only a few percent effort needed for a great solution.

Do not stop here!

Mediocre coziness

Next milestone are the mediocre solutions.

Those need something between 40 and 60% effort compared to a great solution.

Death does not threaten you anymore. That’s all.

Wonna asure viability tomorrow, also? Head out of the midfield!

Now You are entering target zone

A great solution is near perfection. As You can imagine, the more situations and variations Your solution have to fit, the less detailed and the more adaptable it must be.

Because every pre-fitted, pre-configured, non-changeable detail for one user can be the excluding criterion for another group of users. Where is Your sweet spot?

Where is the largest intersection in the needs and wishes of all of Your (or Your customer’s) customers/users?

Therefore, You have to know, whom and what Your users are and what they need.

You can achieve that by simply asking them – stupid!

Do it by using the perfection game questions, for example.

  • How do You like the product in a scale from 1 to 10
  • What do You like on it?
  • To make it perfect, what shall be added or improved?

Adapted from that good article:

Watch the Maximum!

Great and even perfect solutions are balanced to fit more than exactly one aspect or more than only one situation.

Imagine money:
You invest 5 bugs on exactly one lottery ticket. You win, let’s say roughly 79 Trillions.
And now?

Can You spend that money at once(!) on infinite happiness, everlasting health? No.
You have to split to buy the hughest house at the most expensive spot to impress the smartest of the smartest people, to attract and host the best of the best health professionals etc. Will You reach what You aim for by only the one magic act?

Refuse single use!

Single use will not value Your life-energy invested on it.
And therefore, it will not worth any effort at all.

How will I notice that the optimum will be exceeded?

When every “more” invested leads directly to a “less” in gains.

Feel free to make life great!

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