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Tag: facilitation

freirä #4 (2019)

Hilfreich war’s, edel und gut. Zutiefst menschlich im allerbesten Sinne. Ein streng subjektiver Bericht dessen, was ich erlebt habe.

agiLEipzig Barcamp No. 3

Alle Jahre wieder werden wir reich beschenkt.
Einige von uns beim jährlichen Barcamp von agiLEipzig.

Tücken der Relativität

Beim verzweifelten Versuch, Festigkeit und Stabilität zu erlangen, verhindern wir allzuoft das, was wir eigentlich erreichen wollen.

Does this matter?

Ever asked Yourself what makes work mattering?
Here are 10 questions to get an idea.

Where lies this “self-evidence”?

A lot of conflicts in human interaction arise from taking things for granted and assuming the so called “self-evident”.
In this article You get an idea of what learning and behavior has to do with it.

What Björn showed me about agile Leadership

Leadership is necessary, whatever People are doing together. Find out what is the difference in agile Leadership against the Pyramide and why there is still management needed, once You set direction.

The Product Owner’s Bet

Product Owners need to convert uncertainty in certainty of revenue, reach and use.

Hard job if You long to rely on hard facts to secure Your decisions.

Teambuilding – the hard facts

What is a team in opposite to a group of co-workers?
When do I need a Team?
When it is time for Scrum?
When should I use Kanban?
What conditions are needed for Scumban?


agiLE#9 – Games Night

Wir haben weitere Spiele ausprobiert und ein paar Premieren von Neuentwicklungen gehabt.

Der Termin diente dazu, die Entwicklungen zu prüfen und Bildmaterial für eine Spieleplattform zu sammeln, die Conrad demnächst veröffentlichen wird.

agiLE#8 – Open Space

On agile Leipzig meetup #8, I got an idea, why some developers reluctantly document and test.

This post describes the journey to that insight and some other nice experiences on the way.

It is all about alignment!

Pulling on ropes could solve situations.
Often that creates a knot if done unreflectedly from the beginning.
How can You deal with it?

Agile X-Mas

how to detox days around christmas – just use tools You already know.