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We do not know!

Resonance is what a product needs to grow organically from.
Pushing something into the market is, when power combined with too much capability results in Hybris.

agiLE#15 – Open Space

agiLE#15. Wir drangen zu den Grundlagen vor.

“Wenn es Regeln braucht, ist es nur ein Spiel.”

agiLEipzig Barcamp 2017

Meine Sicht auf das agiLE Barcamp. Das ist passiert. Das habe ich erlebt. Das will ich für die Nachwelt bewahren.
Streng selektiv, subjektiv und tendierend.

Where lies this “self-evidence”?

A lot of conflicts in human interaction arise from taking things for granted and assuming the so called “self-evident”.
In this article You get an idea of what learning and behavior has to do with it.

What Björn showed me about agile Leadership

Leadership is necessary, whatever People are doing together. Find out what is the difference in agile Leadership against the Pyramide and why there is still management needed, once You set direction.

Scrum, Kanban and beyond …

Between fulfilment of a (Business) need there are different paths to go.

The short one is just finding the offer that already exists and “only” need to be found.

The long way is creating a solution via several steps of maturity from need to fulfilment.

This article names several steps and corresponding methods and approaches to fulfilment.

The Product Owner’s Bet

Product Owners need to convert uncertainty in certainty of revenue, reach and use.

Hard job if You long to rely on hard facts to secure Your decisions.

Consultant, Scrum Master, Coach

From personal experience, I identified an evolutionary growth in supporting People doing great.

I call it the “Leadership Ladder”.

Same, same – but different …

The more tools, models, theories You get to know, the more they seem to address the same.
And they are universal usable … remember the screw and the hammer!
I collected some in my life so far. And suddenly I noticed similarities.
Am I right?