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Volle Kraft voraus!

Die Transformation zur agilen Organisation bei einem Kunden ist in vollem Gang.
Ein Bündel sehr wichtiger Entscheidungen hat nun die Richtung festgelegt.

Integrität ist gut für’s Geschäft

Es sind nicht die direkten Resultate, die Erfolg und Beständigkeit ausmachen.

Die verblüffende Wirkung von Querverbindungen und Aufrichtigkeit bewirkt mehr als so manche Marketing-Kampagne.

Adding value

You can have, You can like and You can shape, sharpen and spread Your understanding. This is the cascade of adding value.

The Power of Code

The method of coding does magic for some people. Some recognize the beauty, others the power. There are those who judge it as devil’s work. Some view code as expression of God. For other’s it is ‘Deus ex Machina’.
Is there one truth?

Beyond Hero-Culture

Violence, world order, heroes, coaches, eye-level and agility.
What is it all about and what is this needed for.

Law & Order

Whether things are different or equal, often is matter of perspective and zoom level.
Did You already recognized common ground between IT and Law?
There are more equalities as You might noticed from first sight.